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Wuhuu. DF is da best.


"But really, to see this phenomenal game at its absolute best, Xbox One X is the platform of choice - and by quite a considerable margin."


However, the implementation of certain effects - shadow quality and the intensity of depth of field - is tied to rendering resolution, an aspect of the presentation that varies substantially between each version of the game. At the top of the stack sits Xbox One X, rendering natively on ultra HD displays and looking magnificent. Taking the runner-up position here is PlayStation 4 Pro, which uses a reconstruction technique - likely checkerboarding - to take a native 1920x2160 framebuffer up to 4K.


Red Dead Redemption 2 targets 30 frames per second, frame-pacing is consistent on all platforms, but there's a clear difference in performance in the game's busiest areas, with the enhanced consoles clearly running more smoothly. Once again, top of the pile is Xbox One X. Bar one cutscene that strangely runs slower on X than any other platform, Microsoft's enhanced machine delivers a nigh-on locked 30fps with only very minor dips in performance in the most detailed city areas.



XBX runs in native 4K
* PS4 Pro 1920 x 2160
* XBX best performance with a few drops in towns
* PS4 Pro next best thing with solid framerate in wilderness but again dropping some frames in towns.
* PS4/XB One have better overall performance than RDR1 had in 360/ps3 hardware. There are drops even to the low-mid 20s at some points though.
* Visual parity in terms of rendering for all versions. (same assets/foliage etc)
* PS4 1080p
* XB One 864p
* No evidence of dynamic resolution in any of the versions tested.
* DF consider the game a stunning achievement regardless and believe the XBX X version is the best and by a considerable margin.

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vor 43 Minuten schrieb Marcell D:

RDR2 Metascore jetzt bei 97 und somit das aktuell beste Game dieser Gen.


Muss nichts heißen. Metal Gear Solid V: PP hat auch seine 95% auf der XBOX One und meine ehrliche Meinung: Ich fand die ersten 3 Stunden des Spiels zum kotzen und habe es wieder deinstalliert.

Und leider passiert mir das zu oft mit solchen "Meisterwerken". Egal ob Ocarina of Time oder Mario Galaxy. Fand ich damals auch einfach nicht gut genug um mich zu unterhalten. Die meisten Games, die bei mir ankamen haben Durchschnittswertungen von 60-80%.


RDR2 wird (vorerst) nicht gekauft:

– keine deutsche Syncro (nervte in GTA V und RDR schon sehr, man musste lesen und ist dann oft in Missionen gescheitert)
– RDR war oft zu langweilig in dieser Open World, schreckt vom Kauf des 2. Teils ab
– Western mag ich eher nicht so
– hatte mir geschworen, seit Rockstars die Lüge von wegen "es wird kein GTA V für PS4/XBO geben" kein Spiel von denen zum Release/Neupreis zu holen

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DF ist hin und weg was RDR2 angeht, auch dank der überragenden Monster Version.

Lang, aber lesenswert:


Red Dead Redemption 2 is a landmark technical achievement - and the end result of a unique development situation. With Grand Theft Auto 5, Rockstar has already developed the top-grossing title in the history of the games industry - and with that comes the confidence to invest all of the time, money and resources required to realise its vision for the ultimate game. The final product is technological masterpiece, matching and arguably exceeding the very best first-party efforts of this generation.


But in conclusion, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that must be experienced, offering one of the most detailed, immersive open worlds we've seen on consoles. In truth, we could spend even more time discussing the amount of effort put into the game's systems - like the excellent dynamic music score and superb use of surround sound - but I think the point has been made: this is an exceptional achievement, and a one-of-a-kind title on the current console generation.


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